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Bar-centric Mandarin words and phrases? - Advice for a cocktail slinger in Asia

Made the move around a year ago to South East Asia in search of greener and more sunlit pastures in the bar scene.
Have stuck to venues with a pretty international/touristic clientele up until about a week ago. In what seems more and more an overly optimistic (mezcal fuelled) decision, I now stir up trouble at a bar where the ratio of native Mandarin to English speakers averages about 25:1. 1 being me.
My saving grace so far has been my GM and an alcoholic, Forex trading, regular named Jack (but pronounces it Jake), who collectively know enough English to comfortably get through a Doctor Seuss book.
I'm slowly catching on to the basics, and try to get up early enough every morning to go to a small food court down the road to practice with a local rice cake maker. Thing is, it's just not sinking in fast enough, and I hate being that guy that needs to be 'saved' during a rush, or banished to the prep station. I'm taking a huge stab in the dark that somebody on here has a link to 'Chinese catchphrases for service industry dummies' book or something like it. Also, if any of you have figured out reliable ways to wean their elder, male Chinese clients off the regular orders of Johnny Walker, Martell, and industrial beer, I'd love to hear it! Xoxo
TLDR: People who order drinks from me are all Mandarin speakers. I am not. Looking for quick guides to not look like an idiot. Thanks!
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